House on hill in Palfalva

Architect: Kedves Annamaria

Structural planning: Kedves Attila, AEDNA SRL

Planning / Execution: 2014-2017

Useful area: 140 m2

Location: Pauleni-Ciuc, Romania

The house in located on the edge of a small transilvanian village, overlooking a big garden, a small valley, and a creek. Big windows to the south ensure optimal usage of the passive solar energy, but are protected from overheating by the overhanging roof and terraces.

To take advantage of the panorama of the nearby mountains, the living- and kitchen areas were designed on the second floor, whereas the bedrooms are located on the ground level. Since the house is standing on a slope, both floors have a direct connection to the garden.

The size and shape of the house is similar to the local barn-architecture, the outer facade being cladded with untreated rough local pinewood planks. In time, the planks will become grey, just like all traditional wooden buildings in the area.


The inside walls were covered with a clay-pflaster mixed on the site, using the red clay that was dug out when the fundament was made. Finally, they were painted several times with white lime-paint.

The floor is an self-nivelating floor screed on calcium-sulphate basis, which was poured over the floor heating tubes, then polished and oiled several times.

The interior was kept simple, showing each material in an original color and state. A concrete kitchen countertop and the bathroom table was poured, polished and oiled on site.

Building Service Engineering

The heating and hot water is supplied by a soil-water heat pump. This system is paired with a central heat-recuperating ventilation system, which can minimise heat loss, and ensure fresh air at all times. Future plans include istallation of photovoltaic cells, that could provide the electricity for the heat pump and other household items, making the house practically energy-independent.